Personality Analysis Test Sheet
Notes: please tick thesentence which suits you the best. Only one answer for every question.
Q1:1、Regarding to theoutlook of life, I prefer from my deep heart:
A、The more experiences, thebetter, so I have a lot of ideas
B、The depth of life is more important than width of life,set goals carefully, once set clear goals,once the goals areset, persistence on it till the end
C、We need to get some achievements no matter what we do
D、As a man lives, so he will die one day, do not need towork too hard, as long as we still alive
Q2:2、If we are climbing themountain, when we go down the mountain, I prefer to:
A、new route for fun
B、original route for safety andreduce risk
C、new route because I want totake challenge and take risk
D、original route for conveniences and avoid troubles
Q3:3、When expressing something,people will think my expressions as below:
A、offer deep impression onothers
B、precise expression
C、focus on final target
D、let people feel comfortable
Q4:4、For the most time of life, Iprefer to have:
Q5:5、 I think the characters of myemotion are:
A、varied andunstable
B、on the surface, I can controlwell, but actually, it will be difficult to recover after hurt
C、direct, easy to lose temper
Q6:6、For the whole of my life,besides work, for the desire for control, I:
A、do not have desire forcontrol, I want to affect others, but self control is not enough
B、will use rules to controlmyself and others
C、have the desire for control frominside, and hope others obey me
D、do not like to controlothers, neither do others
Q7:7、In association with lovers, It end to:
A、do the favorite thingstogether and express the love always
B、be considerate and extremelysensitive to lover's requirements
C、communicate and argue on theimportant thing
D、follow lover's step
Q8:8、In association with others, I:
A、am open-minded, set up theinterpersonal relationship quickly
B、set up the relationshipslowly and carefully, if I think we canmake friends, and friendship will last long
C、hope that I will dominate therelationship
D、let nature take it's course,passive
Q9:9、I think I am:
A、rich emotion
B、clear mind
C、deal with things directly
D、gentle and caring
Q10:10、The way of finishing the task,I will use:
A、finish at the last second of the deadline
B、finish it precisely withoutothers' help
C、finish it as soon as possibleand find another task
D、finish it as time goes by,and get some help from others when it is necessary
Q11:11、when others make me veryangry, I:
A、feel hurt in the deep of myheart, and think it is unforgivable, but finally forgive others
B、I will not forget such anger,and avoid such people in the future
C、very angry, and expect changeto revenge
D、avoid show down, because it isnot necessary
Q12:12、For the interpersonalrelationship, I care more about:
Q13:13、For working, I show moreabout:
A、full of enthusiasm, have a lot of ideas and spiritual
B、thoughtful, perfect precision, and reliable person
C、firm with the driving force
D、have patience and strong adaptability
Q14:14、My previous teacher is most likely toassess me as:
A、mood swings, articulate and expressfeelings
B、the strict protection of my privacy,sometimes lonely or is not gregarious
C、agile and independent, and like to dothings by myself
D、looks smooth easily, the reaction degreelow, moderate
Q15:15、The evaluation on me from my friends mightbe:
A、like to talk with friend with infectiouspower
B、can offer a lot of comprehensive problemswith lots of explanation
C、express ideas directly, sometimes talkabout what I don’t like frankly
D、always be a listener when stay with others
Q16:16、When helping others, I tend to:
A、be passive, but I will offer my help whenbeing asked
B、help those worth while to be helped
C、not to help unrelated people. However, Iwill help after a promise
D、without the heart to beat tiger as thehero, but often offer myself to help
Q17:17、When being appraised, my reaction will be:
A、ok if there is not, and will not be toohappy when being appraised
B、I do not need their appraise, but I prefer the iradmire on my ability
C、doubt others seriousness or avoid others attentionimmediately
D、praise is pleasant thing
Q18:18、When facing the current state, I tend to:
A、It does no matter on me whatever happens, I feel good
B、If I don't make progress, others will.Thus, I need constantly moving forward
C、Before there is a problem, I need to thinkthrough for all possibilities
D、Fun, happy is the most important of every day life
Q19:19、For the rules, my attitude from my heart is:
A、do not want to violate the rules, but may failto the rules because lacking of attention
B、break the rules, I want to make the rules rather thancomply with rules
C、strictly abide by the rules, and to be thebest within the rules
D、don't like to bind by rules, feel fresh and interesting when not to follow fules
Q20:20、I think when I am doing something, I:
A、work in a leisurely manner, follow theprescribed orders, consistent with the around people
B、clear goals, focus and make efforts to reachthe goal, and seize the key points
C、take care, and make efforts in theprevention and rehabilitation
D、rich vigor with rapid reaction
Q21:21、Facing the stress, I tend to:
A、no seeing, no boring
B、the greater stress, the higher resistance
C、chew the stress in my heart
D、avoid the stress instinctively, if can notavoid, express inner tensions by different ways
Q22:22、when stopping a unforgetable relationshipin my heart, i will:
A、life goes on, time will dilute all
B、although feel hurt, but once decide, try to cast offthe shadow of the past
C、deep in grief, unable to extricate for a long time,also don't want to accept the new people
D、hardly wished to live, need to find friends or find a channel to vent and seek the way ofresolving
Q23:23、When facing others stories, most of thetime I tend to:
A、just listen quietly and identify others’feeling
B、fast to make some conclusion or judgment.
C、give some analysis or reasoning, comfortthem
D 、may be ups and downs with his emotional upsand downs, also published some comments or opinions
Q24:24、In which of the following groups I am satisfied:
A、comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, be in acalm mood to reach a unanimous conclusio
B、debate and argue fiercely
C、discuss thoroughly
D、happy and free chat
Q25:25、I think the work:
A、do not have pressure, can let me do myfamiliar work very well
B、is the most important way to reach lifegoals or make achievements
C、being the best otherwise I will not do it
D、it will be great if we can integrate funinto work. I hate to do what I do not like
Q26:26、If I were a leader, I more hope in theheart of subordinates, I am:
A、conversantand think for them
B、have strong ability and rich leadership
C、fair, integrity and reliable
D、beloved and inspiring
Q27:27、The acceptance from others which I like:
A、regardless of whether others agree or not
B、elite recognition is the most important
C、as long as the person I care aboutrecognize me
D、 be recognized by most people
Q28:28、when I was a child, I:
A、don't willing to try new things, usually like the oldand familiar ones
B、is the king of the children, they often accept mydecision
C、shy of strangers, have deliberately avoided
D、lovely, optimistic and enthusiastic
Q29:29、if I were parents, I might be:
A、do not interfere kids and I am easy to be persuaded
B、more strict, and give clear direction
C、take action rather than words to expresslove and high requirements
D、to participate actively in the activitywith children together, the friends of your kids welcome you
Q30:30、Among following four groups of maxims, Iagree more with:
A、The deepest truths are the simplest and themost common. The people who can achieve big success will always appearsslow-witted. Good temper is the best clothing for a man can in social life. A contented mind is the greatest happiness in life.
B、Go your own way, let other people say. Although the world is full of suffering, but it can alwaysovercome it. Achievement provides the only real pleasure in life. To solve a problem is as good as to enjoy a holiday.
C、A man will not achieve big success if he doesnot pay attention to small things.Rationale is the mostvaluable factor in the soul.Avoid flamboyant extravagance. Caution should have much more power than bold.
D、It will be better to live colorful rather than bring money to tomb.It will be the mostimportant to treat yourself authentically anytime.Make life into fantasy, then make it back.It is the happiest when doing what you love with who you love.
Q31:Your name:
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