Q1:英语知识运用(本题共30个小题,每小题1分,共30分)1.-Which room do you live in?--________________________
A.The 201 room
B. Room 201st
C. Room 201
D. The 201s Room
Q2:-Good morning. Grand HoteL. May I help you?--____________________________________________
A. Yes, you can give a skirt to me
B. Yes. I can do what I want
C. No, I can do it myself
D. Yes, Id like to reserve a room from July 4 to July 7
Q3:The game starts next Monday. Its time for us _______ our team spirit.
A. to show
B. show
C. showing
D. for showing
Q4:-Oh! ______________?-Sometimes I do. But taking the subway is faster and safer than driving a car.
A. How far is it?
B. Whats your favorite means of transportation?
C. Is this the train to Qingdao
D. Why not drive a car
Q5:.--You didnt come to Anns birthday party, right?-I even didnt_____ her invitation
A. find
B. accept
C. receive
D. refuse
Q6:-What time is it?-It’s _________________.
A. a quarter to six
B. half to six
C. fifty to six
D. thirty-five past six
Q7:. -I think it takes a lot of practice to design clothes well-___________________ .Practice makes perfect
A. No way
B. Thats true
C. Im afraid not
D. My pleasure
Q8:In many stories, the good________well rewarded and the bad _______always punished
A is, is
B.is, are
C. are, is
D. are, are
Q9:I couldn t _________my feelings when I heard the good news.
A. take control of
B. take care of
c. take up
D. take an interest in
Q10:A notice was _________in order to remind the students of the changed lecture time
A. sent up
B. put up
C. set up
D. given up
Q11:-Bill, can I get you anything to eat?-____________________________.
A. I wouldnt mind some Russian brown bread
B. No problem
C. You are welcome
D. Doesn’ t matter
Q12:Remember to spend some time _________ your loved ones, because they’re not going to be around forever.
A. from
B. with
C. in
D. on
Q13:13. In some of the cities, you can often see many people dance outside together if it _____in the evening.
A. rains
B. doesnt rain
C. will rain
D. wont rain
Q14:The Chongyang Festival falls on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, and various ________ are held to celebrate_________ .
A. activities, Seniors Day
B. activities, Seniors Day
C. activity, Seniors Day
D. activity, Senior’s Day
Q15:.--It is reported that cancer can be controlled at a temperature lower than 110℃ below zero-Really?_________ nice news.
A. How a
B. How
C. What a
D. What
Q16:--Wed like some Korean rice sausage, a kind of food_________ is delicious in this restaurant.
A . who
B. whose
C. which
C. what
Q17:-Is there________ in today’s newspaper?-No, I didn t find it
A. something interesting
B. anything interesting
C. interesting something
d. interesting anything
Q18:________the coachs guidance, we won the football match
A. According to
B. Thanks for
C. Thanks to
D. In order to
Q19:--Whats the date today?--___________________.
A. Its May 4th
B. It’s Saturday
C. It’s a fine day
D. Its a holiday.
Q20:I tried phoning her office, but I couldn’t _________________.
A. get along
B. get on
C. get through
D. get to
Q21:-Hello, this is Tina speaking. Is that Sam?--Sorry, he isn‘t here at this moment.______________________?
A. What are you saying to Tina
B. Can I take a message
C. May I speak to Sam
D.Whos that speaking
Q22:Look! Many new buildings ________ in our city.
A. build
B. are building
C. were being built
D. are being built
Q23:We will do our best not to ___________ them.
A. disappoint
B. disappointed
C disappointment
D. appoint
Q24:The girl ________ an English song in the next room is Toms sister.
A. singing
B.is singing
C. sung
D. was singing
Q25:________ more cups of green tea every day and it can prevent lung cancer.
A. Drink
B. Drinking
C. To drink
D. Drinks
Q26:You can get it for ________.
A. freeman
B. freely
C. freedom
D. free
Q27:--Im leaving for Shanghai to visit the Oriental Pearl this weekend--_____________
A. Well done!
B. I hope so.
C. Have a good trip!
D. I think so.
Q28:My parents ________ in Hong Kong. They were born there and have never lived anywhere else.
B. lived
C. were living
D. will live
Q29:Lily went shopping last weekend. She found that the skirts cost _______ yuan.
C. 400
D. 800
Q30:You can visit Ocean Museum ________________.
A. on Saturday
B. on Wednesday
C. on Monday
D. anytime
Q31:二、阅读理解(本题共10个小题,每小题2分,满分20分。) AWelcome to the Wildlife Conservation Societys Central Park zoo and the Tisch Childrens Zoo.Here just a few yards from Fifth Avenue, youll find over 130 different species ranging from giantpolar bears to tiny leaf ants. A walk around the zoo will take you through all kinds of habitats, all carefully designed to rebuild the natural environment for the animals to live in.31. The underlined word “tiny” means“(最高分值:2分)
A. small
B. cute
C. thin
D. long
Q32:If Mr. Green wants to visit the zoo on Friday in April, he can visit at ___________.
A. 8.00am
C.5:00 am
Q33:.Mr. Black will visit the zoo with his wife and his 11-year-old daughter, so he should spend
A. $19
B. $24
C. $31
D. free
Q34:Which of the following is WRONG according to the text?
A. We can find more than 130 different species in the zoo.
B. The habitats are designed to rebuild the natural environment for the animals.
C. We can visit the zoo at five o clock in the afternoon on Labor Day.
D. You can’t get some information by phone.
Q35:The passage may be ________________.
A. an advertisement
B. a story
C. a play
D. a letter
Q36: B You want to know about my staying in America, right? Well, to tell you the truth, it is reallyan eye-opening experience to study here. In China, I had English classes five times a week since fifth grade. However, I didn’ t knowhow different textbook English could be from everyday English until I came to Hotchkiss SchoolConnecticut. When I first studied English, I was told to say, “I am fine.” when people say “How are you?”But in the US. I found that people say, I am good. or Im tired.” One day, someone greeted me withWhats up?” It made me confused. I thought for a moment and then smiled because I didn’t know what to say. Since then, I have discovered more and more differences between Chinese and US cultures.To my surprise, US girls spend a lot of time in the burning sun to get a tan(晒黑).Howeverin China, girls try every possible way to get their skin paler, or whiter“。” I was also surprised by how hardworking US students are。 In China, schoolwork is almost everything, so we study hard and thats it. But here, a good student gets good grades, does a lot of for the public and plays sports or music. The kids here are so talented, I am starting to be sorry that I gave up playing the piano at anearly age and that I have never thought about sports.36. According to the writer, textbook English is _______everyday English
A. quite different from
B. the same as
C. more difficult than
D. easier than
Q37:What does the word confused in the fourth paragraph mean in Chinese?
Q38:A good US student spends his /her time
A. only in doing homework
B. only on sports or music
C. only in working for the public
D. on studies, sports or music and public work
Q39:Which of the following is NOT true?
A. The writer is now in US
B. American girls love to have white skin
C. US students are talented and hard working
D. The writer regrets that he gave up playing the piano.
Q40:Which is the best title for the passage?
A. My Own Travel in the Us
B. My Experiences in the US
C. My Advice about the US
D. My Friends in the US
Q41:三、根据情景内容补全对话(本题5个空,每空只填一词,每词1分,共5分)A: Im looking ____41____ a job.B: Can you tell me something about yourself?A: Sure. I ____42__ ___43_____ a vocational school.B: What about your___44___?A. I have worked in a company for two yearsWhat __45_______do you have?A. I can fix buses and trucksB: Would you like to fill in the form?A: Yes. Thank you
41    ____________
42    ____________
43    ____________
44    ____________
45    ____________
Q42:四、短文填空(每空1分,共10分)根据短文内容在空白处填入适当的内容(每空一词),或括号内单词的正确形式,或首字母,或汉语提示填写内容。 How many of your classmates drink cola now? Nearly everyone __46___ (drink)it. Did you know that cola ___47___ (be)a kind of medicine about 200 years ago? John S. Pemberton was adoctor __48__ America. He spent many months __49____(find) this medicine for headacheand put the cola into bottles to sell it in drugstores. One day, a man who had a h__50___ came into a drugstore. He asked for a bottle of ___51___.He wanted to ___52____(take) it right away, sohe asked the clerk to add some water to the medicine. But there was no hot water, the clerk used soda water instead. After drinking it, the man said it tasted ____53_____(wonder ). From then on, it began to become more popular. Today cola is ____54____( sell)in most countries around the world. Although it is no longer used to ___55___(治疗) headache, it is still very popular and gives people some energy.
46    ____________
47    ____________
48    ____________
49    ____________
50    ____________
51    ____________
52    ____________
53    ____________
54    ____________
55    ____________
Q43:五、职场应用(分为两部分,任务一5分,任务二10分,共15分)全民健身是全体人民增强体魄、健康生活的基本保障,是每一个人成长和实现幸福生活的重要基础。任务一下面是对某地学生经常进行的球类运动和做运动的原因的调查,请根据调查结果完成下面的表格.任务二:假如你是某报社记者,请根据以上信息写一篇报导,描述现状并呼吁全民健身。(10分)We did a survey about the sports students often do and the factors they think about most.请将作文写在答题纸上,上传到家校本上。
56    ____________
57    ____________
58    ____________
59    ____________
60    ____________
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